Updated 17.10.2010

International creative programming contest

Announced and organized by: SGP Systems
Sponsors: Microsoft s.r.o.
Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology
Contes categories
There are four categories announced by age:
A - students from classes  0. - 3.   (approx.  5 -  9 years old)
B - students from classes  4. - 6.   (approx.  9 - 12 years old)
C - students from classes  7. - 9.   (approx. 12 - 15 years old)
D - students from classes 10.-13.   (approx. 15 - 18 years old)
For category classification, the age of the contestant or the age the contest team's oldest member due to the date of the final is desicive.
Important dates of the contest:
13. 10. 2010   Application and correction deadline is at 15:00 UTC. No files will be accepted after this deadline!
Send your project soon enough to be able to correct the potential formal flaws before the deadline.
27. 11. 2010
(11:50 - 14:30
  International final show - Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology, Bozetechova 2, Brno, Czech Republic.
Have a look at the Creative Baltie 2007 final show and photo galery from Creative Baltie 2008 final show :-)

Contest rules

  1. The contest projects can cover any subject (for example: games, education, story etc.) except the "bloody/war" one.
  2. The contest project can be created in the latest version of SGP Tools only (Baltie 3.7, Baltie 4.2 C#, C# Studio 1.0 or Baltazar 5.05). Please check the version of SGP tool befor uploading your project file on the contest web.
  3. All voices and texts (menu, help, documentation, source code comments etc.) must be in english languague.
  4. The contestants and all their co-authors must have their SGP Account created. (They apply for the contest by their UID.)
  5. The contestant can apply for the contest just one project.
  6. Author of the contest project can be an individual or a team. The age of the oldest team member is decisive for category classification.
  7. One contestant can be either a member of team or an individual contestant.
  8. The authors of the contest project/project guarantees the novelty of their work. All files (images, music, sounds, texts etc.) can by only one's own (own photographs, own drawing, own music record) or those supplied with SGP Tools. No other files, modified or taken over, can be used, even if they are free to use, that mean whole contest project must consist of author work of an individual or a team! The author's obligation is to state all co-authors! E.g. when parents or siblings have recorded something for the contestant, they become automatically the co-authors and their age is desicive for category classification.
  9. If any unacknowledged help to the contestant will be found out, he/she will be disqualified and expelled for good from SGP contests.
  10. No scripts are allowed in the project, even those in the HTML documentation.
  11. Accessory files (images, sounds etc.) can be created only in tools, standardly supplied by the operating system where the Baltie 3/Baltie 4/SGP Studio is being run. The author states that no third person can lay claim on his piece of work.
  12. By applying project to the contest, the contestants agree with the fact that their projects have nature of contest piece of work by the art. 61 of the czech Copyright Act (code nr. 121/2000) that has been created without claim to reward and as such can be used by the organizers for further propagation as a freeware on the web pages of the SGP Systems and their respective partners, on the Internet, CD/DVD media attached to the magazines or through any other distribution channel.
  13. Sending project (please monitor regulary, it is subject to change)
    The contestant will send one .ZIP archive with the name in format. We do not accept other formats than .ZIP! We suggest you that after uploading you download the archive to a different folder, or better different computer, extract the content and check whether is all right and no file is missing (a common fault).
    The project must be completely in english language, including comments and other accompanying texts.
  14. The ZIP file can have maximal size 5 MB (i.e. 5 242 880 bytes).
    Please send only source files of your project (no DLL libraries or EXE files!) and additional files created by you (images, sounds, models, text and data files) that are needed for project to run correctly.
  15. Obligatory content of the name.ZIP file depends on SGP tool (Baltie 3, Baltie 4 C#, C# Studio, Baltazar):
    (where name is your project name)
    name.TXT short and apt program description in the TXT format (coded UFT-8)
    name.PDF detailed project documentation in the PDF format
    SGP Baltie 3 - source code of the program
    SGP Baltie 4 - source code of the program
    SGP Studio   - source code of the program
    SGP Baltazar - source code of the program
    maximum 4 nice screenshots :-) of your program, where n stands for digits from 0 to 3, where schreenshot no. 0 is the main screenshot (obligatory screenshot)
    files with yours tiles and 3D Models (you send only those you have created), where n stands for digits from 0 to 9
    files with yours scenes (you send only those you have created), where n stands for digits from 0 to 9
    name*.* all other project files (includes, data, WAV, MID, BMP etc.) and subfolders,
    where name*.* is at most 32 characters (including extension), do not use spaces or national accented characters, use only characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, "-" (hypen), "_" (underscore) and "." (dot).
    name.ICO   (optional) icon, sized 32x32 points

    Video presentation.
    We recommend you to upload your personal video presentation of your project too. Format WMV/AVI/MPEG etc., max. 10 MB (10 485 760 bytes).

    We will evaluate only those projects, to those we will have all necessary files including source codes. In such no case we will be unable to evalute your project which will be excluded from the contest!
    We do not accept ANY standalone executable program files (even renamed in any way)! It means that all executable files must be able to be created any time in the SGP Baltie 4 C#, SGP C# Studio, SGP Baltazar or executed in the SGP Baltie 3.7.

    The program must run from any folder, so for example in the LoadScene commands use solely the "*\\" as the source folder specification (the "*\\" means folder with your program (source code). E.g.: LoadScene("*\\GAME1.S01"); Never use the full path to the file.
    In the Baltie's File table, use "Game1.wav" or "*\\Game1.wav" elsewhere, never use the full path to the file like "C:\MyGames\Game1.wav". Of course you can use the "Game1\Game1.wav" if your Game1.wav file is located in subfolder Game1 in your program folder.

    Rating criteria
    Criterion Points Description
    1. Project functionality 0-10
    2. Source code quality 0-10 lucidity, brevity, effectiveness, resources demands, naming correctness, literal avoidance
    3. Source code formatting 0-10 Baltie: correct indentation, comments
    4. User interface 0-10
    5. Graphic appearance 0-10
    6. Help 0-10 simpllicity, availability, completeness
    7. Complexity of the subject 0-10
    8. Project originality 0-10
    9. Total size of the project in kB the less kB the better; complementary criterion for ranking list determination when equal points are obtained

    The contest organizer reserves the right, in the smooth course interest, to update this proposition (date and place of the semifinal and final, prizes, accomodation etc.), do not announce first place, cancel some category (when not enough contestants) or cancel the whole contest.
    Please, follow up current information on this page carefully.
    If you need a professional help please visit the: SGP Forum EN or SGP Forum CZ.

    All information exchange between organizers and contestants (including sending the contest projects) will be entirely through the internet. The only authoritative information are those presented on this page. That mean they are above all other information, published in the press, radio, television or on the web pages of other companies or institutions.