About Baltie 2011 contest

Basic information:
  • The "Baltie" contest is international contest for teams with 1-3 members in programming in languages Baltie 3 and Baltie 4 C# with several rounds.
  • It's intended for pupils from basic schools (primary schools), high schools (middle schools) and children from organizations working with children.

  • A - tool B3, grade 0.-5. (grade 1 matches first grade in primary school)
  • B - tool B3, grade 6.-9.
  • C - tool B4, grade 0.-9.
  • D - tool B4, grade 10.-13. (grade 10 matches first grade in high school)

  • Number of members in a team: 1 - 3
  • Members of a team must be from the same school, category of the team is determined by tool and the oldest member of the team.
  • Teams cannot be changed or completed during the contest. In the case of illness of a member only the rest of team takes part.
  • If a team doesn't participate in a round, it does not advance to the next round and finishes at the contest.

  • Tasks are in the same format as in the contest Junior. Please, read over instructions for the contest Junior and for its task n. 0 carefully.

Contest has 3 rounds:

  • School round - new contest platform Baltie, organizer: SGP Systems and schools that participate.
    March 21 - May 18 - contest in school, teacher set up on the server, when and how long will pupils compete. More information are in proposition.
  • regional round - new contest platform Baltie, organizer: SGP Systems and schools in contest places
    May 19 - deadline of enrollments to the contest and to the regional round contest places
    May 20 - 21 - performance of regional round
    May 23 - publication of the results of the regional round
  • international round - classical form, the same as in the previous years, organizer: OZ TIB, Slovakia, basic school Štúrovo
    May 31 - deadline of enrollments to the national round, fee € 32/person
    June 10 - 12 - Štúrovo, Slovakia

Contest platform Baltie.
  • Enrollment for school to the contest. School is enrolled to the contest when teacher enrolls first team from the school to the school round of the contest.
  • Enrollment for teams to the contest. Teams are enrolled by teacher. First the teacher logs in on the contest server (with the login to his SGP account), in the left menu he chooses contest Baltie - school round, then clicks on the button "Enroll pupils" and enrolls teams separately.
  • Number of tasks. More tasks are solved, typically between 2 and 4.
  • Evaluation. Every contest solution is evaluated by the contest server SGP.
    Detailed description of individual criteria, correct program form and list of forbidden commands are described in detail in the contest Junior (in task n. 0 and in the instructions).
    Resulting rank of the contest team is due to its average rank from all of the tasks. If a team didn't solve or submit any of the tasks, its rank in this task is after all of the contestants in the category, i. e. number of the contestants in the category + 1. Hence it is profitable only try to solve the task, because it's better to be the last of the contestants who submitted solution than to be after all of the contestants who enrolled to the contest.
  • Priority of criteria. Criteria are evaluated in this succession: errors (scene(s), picture(s)-graphics, text file), number of commands, program runtime duration and number of attempts.
    Note: it is only minimal chance that the last criterion (number of attemps) would involve in the results. It happens only if contestants would have the same number of errors in the scene(s), picture(s), the same number of command icons and the same quick program.
  • Contest time: date and time from - to, when contestants can see their submission and upload their programs to the server.
    Contest time of the school round - determined by school organizer for every contest group.
    Note 1: In the case of need (technical problems etc.) organizer of the contest place can move the end of contest time by the technical delay during contest duration time for the group, so the group can finish its work and upload files to the server.
    Note 2: If a team couldn't upload files to the server till the end of contest time of group because of different reasons (even with the help of supervisor), the contest place organizer can do it instead of the team after the end of contest time.
  • Contest groups. For optimal usage of computers in the contest place the organizer separates the teams to groups (according to number of computers) and for each group he enters: name of group, contest time (date and time from - to, when this group will compete) and verification code for the group Thanks to the possibility to define individual contest groups the contest place can have several times bigger capacity.
  • Supervisor. Supervisor in computer classroom ensures that contestants during the task solving don't communicate with anybody else by no means, don't take copies of submissions etc.
  • Verification code for contest group. Teams from the contest group can display submissions and upload files to the server only after entering this code. It ensures that nobody else can login to the contestant account and made the tasks instead of him. Supervisor must ensure that this verification code doesn't leave the room (by handphones, ICQ, Skype, email etc.).
    Verification code for contest group can be changed by supervisor whenever a how many times he wants. For example if he has suspicion that anyone sent the code out of contest room or only for precaution. He tells pupils verification code when they are sitting in front of their computers - he can write it on the blackboard, for example.
  • IP addresses checking. Contest server watches IP addresses, from which solutions are uploaded, so if IP address does not match, the supervisor can see it immediately.
  • Starting contest for a team. The team leader selects contest Baltie and relevant round in the left menu, logs in with his UID and password. Then the team data appears and he enters the verification code for his contest group. Only after entering the code the tasks are displayed.
  • Access to the internet. We recommend to forbid everything (web, email, Skype, ICQ etc.) with exception of the contest server SGP. This can be done by two ways:
    • allow only http://www.baltie.net
    • forbid all ports in firewall and allow only one port 8001 - on this port the contest server runs,
      then contestants enter www.baltie.net:8001 to the internet browser (or you can create shortcut on the desktop for this address).
    In the case of unclarity, please contact your administrator.
    Note: this technical restriction is not obligatory, but we recommend it because it makes supervisor work easier.

On behalf of good course of school round of the contest we reserve the right to update the information on this page.

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