More info about the contest...

On-line, displaying only formal errors, without an error in the program (S,G,T).
It is a matter solely for the school.
The school can organize a home and school round only and may not participate in the higher rounds.
In the school round can attend as many students as many computers the school has.

Into school round may advance only competitors who are properly registered to the home round.
The contestant nomination to the school round perform a loggeg teacher in the "Nomination" based on the results of home round and his/her consideration.

Minimum 2 teachers with the SGP Account, The teachers can be from different school.

Contest time.
The teacher specifies the start time for each competetive group.

School results..
The school results are not public, can only be seen by school teachers. It is only a matter of teacher, when shows the results to the students. The diplomas can be printed after the last school will finished the school round.