Proposition of regional round of the contest Baltie

Actual list of enrolled contest places for regional round:
Region Organizer Contest place Instructions Computers from that
for B4
Fee taken
in the contest place
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  • Start fee
    • Basic start fee is 0 € for 1 contestant
    • Overhead fee taken in the contest place - assessed and collected by organizer of the contest place separately - if they ask for it.
  • Contest platform - Baltie (the same as in school round).
  • Contest duration - 2 hours.
    Note: the beginning for each contest group is the time when first team from the group opens submission. This means that contest place organizer needn't set the exact beginning. The contestants take their posts, log in on the server, then supervisor announces verification code for the contest group and, when first team from the group displays a submission, the time starts to be measured for the whole group.
  • Contest places - to maximalize the number of teams from individual schools advancing to national round, the regional round in the region is held on as many contest places as possible (minimum is one).
  • Enrollemnt for teams to the regional round.
    • The teams can be enrolled (qualified) to regional round only from results of school round, i. e. just when they were enrolled to the contest in due form and in time.
    • Teacher chooses from the list of contest places in his region one, where he wants to go and comes to an agreement with organizer of the contest place about how many teams from his school can come. Then the teacher logs in, chooses regional round and clicks on "Enroll teams". In the displayed list he enrolls teams to regional round and waits for confirmation from the school place organizer.
    • Organizer of regional round see continuously list of all enrolled teams to the regional round and chooses from it (after agreement with teachers) teams, that will compete in his contest place, to the relevant contest group. Number of teams in the group in the contest place is denoted by blue color.
    School alone settles, how many teams in individual categories A, B, C, D will enroll to the regional round.
  • Signing the team off the regional round
    • If a team does not belong to any contest group in any contest place, teacher can immediately sign it off - menu regional round, "Enroll teams".
    • In the other case (the team already belongs to a contest group in a contest place), the contest place organizer must first relieve it from the contest place and only after that it can be sign off by teacher.
  • Conditions for the Contest Place (CP) - duties for Contest Place Organizer (CPO):
    • CPO communicates with schools that want to come to the place.
    • CPO prepares technical (computers, internet) and organization (desks, chairs) conditions for the contest. On the computers inteded for the contest will be the last versions of programs B3 and B4. There is no necessary to delete any of files from computer after the Baltie instalation.
      Also check, that on all computers submissions of tasks n. 4 and 5 from Junior can be opened - there were problems with older Mozilla Firefox.
    • CPO creates contest groups on the contest server and maintains them (left menu, regional round and Contest groups - visible only for CPO, other teachers doesn't see this item). After creation of the groups CPO assigns teams to them from displayed list of enrolled teams in the round. The assigned team is definitely enrolled and confirmed in this round. In the list of schools the number of teams in the relevant column (blue) is increased.
      We recommend to create one contest group for one room with the name of the room. It is good for orientation in the school and also for the list of teams. You can then sort the list of teams by group names and the lists for the rooms are ready.
    • CPO before the beginning of the contest (at the lastest in the day of contest) puts together committee with at least two SGP teacher and one pupil/student as representative of contestants. The commission confirms the proper course of the contest in the contest place by signing the contest protocol.
      Note: in the case of emergency and when only one contest place is in the region, the teacher from the second SGP school needn't be presented, but then only "defined minimal number of teams" can advance from the region to the national round, so in the case of refilling of free place in the nation round, the teams from this region won't be chosen.
    • After beginning of the contest CPO sends email with list of absent contestants to organizers of national round (which issues invoices) in the format of SID - number of teams. By this number the invoice of start fee of the school (SID) will be decreased.
    • In the case of inability to connect to the internet during the contest (contest programs can't be uploaded), CPO ensures downloading the contest programs to two USB flashes drives (CD-ROMs) after expiration of contest time. One flash (CD-ROM) puts in the envelope signed by members of the contest committee and from the second flash (CD-ROM) sends the programs from anywhere to the contest server in the shortest possible time (till 20:00).
    • CPO creates and updates web page with detailed information for contestants: adress, contact, map, limitations (rubbers) etc., or gives an contact email.
    • CPO ensure the collection of additional overhead fee for contest place (besides the basic start fee).
  • New Contest Place.
    If you are interested in organizing regional round in your school (so your pupils don't have to go far and more of them can participate in this round) please fill this
    enrollment for contest place..., so we can contact you, tell you details and help you to prepare a contest place.
  • SGP Help - if a contest place doesn't have necessary SGP license, the company SGP Systems will give the license to the contest place for free, but only for the time of organization of the regional round.
  • Advancing to the next round - number of advancing teams from regional to the international round will be set after the regional round.

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